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Photoshop Tutorial: Kid's Coloring Book

From AssociatedContent, By Mr. New Material

So you want to make your own coloring book with your photos? With these few easy steps you can be on your way to making the best coloring books you've ever seen. No longer do you have to leave the house to buy coloring books, all you have to do is open your Photoshop and have a picture to make your own. Imagine the smile on the kid's faces, when they open a coloring book and see a picture of you or them to color in. All you need are crayons, markers or colored pencils to let the fun begin.

1. Get the picture(s) you want to use (ex. cartoon characters, kid's photos, family photos). If you're having trouble finding an image, you can always go to Yahoo Images, Altavista, Google, Lycos ect. For example I used a Sponge Bob picture that I got from Yahoo Images.

2.Go to the menu at the top and click on Filter>Other>High Pass place the settings around 5.8-6.3 and click ok. I recommend 5.9 as the lines are still bold and visible in the final outcome as oppose to 6.3 where the lines are thin and faint, but select according to your own taste.

3. Go back up to the menu bar and click Image>Adjustments>Equalize. The picture should have almost a dark rainbow color to it. This is usually the step most people think they mess up on, but the picture is supposed to look like that, don't worry! It may look a little weird but it's just a few more steps until the finished product.

4. Back up to the menu Image>Adjustments>Levels, the levels should be set as Input: 0, 1.00, 45 Output: 0, 255. You will notice how all the dark in the picture disappears as you set the levels. The whole background becomes white while still having the multicolor tint.

5. This is the last step as you head up to the menu for the last time and click Image>Mode>Grayscale, You're Done! (You can take steps backwards if you are unhappy with the detail of the lines or anything else, the changes are simple to make)

Printing tip: If your images are small, select for the full page print so the image can fill up the entire sheet of paper.

P.S. Go the extra mile by making a cover for the book and having it laminated at your local Kinko's or copy facility. The coloring books also make great gifts for family and friends on all different types of occasions.